Raising National Water Standards Program: Stage 2 Evaluation Report

by | Apr 16, 2012

The recently completed Raising National Water Standards (RNWS) Stage 2 Evaluation is the second of a three-stage evaluation framework for the RNWS program. Inovact Consulting based the assessment on 41 projects across three themes (Water Planning, Northern Rivers, and Groundwater) with a combined value of $97.7m. The evaluation resulted in a positive report for the RNWS Program based on evidence that its projects are well targeted and have a high level of influence in end user decision making.

The evaluation relied on surveys of project proponents and end users with feedback confirming that these projects are contributing to long term, transformational changes amongst water managers. It showed that for many end users, the project outputs are already having a tangible and wide-reaching impact.

The evaluation suggested that the existing and future impacts of the RNWS Program are likely to be significant for enhancing the standard of water management and for national water reform. The RNWS Program has invested heavily in directly supporting National Water Initiative (NWI) implementation.



On 16 June 2015 the National Water Commission (Abolition) Act 2015 was assented which formally abolished the National Water Commission (NWC). To access the publications RNWS Stage 2 Evaluation Report and RNWS Stage 2 Evaluation Project Assessment Summaries, please see the Australian Government Web Archives.

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