A Great Australian Industry Gets Its Ship Together

by | Jun 9, 2017

Inovact Consulting is delighted to welcome the official launch of Seafood Industry Australia Ltd (SIA), the new national peak body to represent the seafood industry.

Members and industry leaders have come together today in Adelaide to celebrate what is a very significant milestone for a great Australian industry.

Inovact Consulting is proud to have had a leading role in the process as the project manager. We worked closely with the industry to design and guide the project from start to finish.

The end result is that SIA has been formed after two years’ hard work by leaders of seafood businesses and associations from across Australia.

Seafood industry leaders are to be congratulated for achieving this milestone. To put their success in perspective, about 70 per cent of change processes fail. With knowledge of this statistic, the unification of the very diverse and fragmented Australian seafood industry is a remarkable feat.

The industry’s achievement goes against the tide for peak industry bodies in primary industries, where many representative organisations are languishing with low and declining members and income.

The real work now begins for SIA, but its board and members provide a solid foundation for the organisation to perform and make a real difference for the industry.

SIA has been designed by the industry itself to be a viable and relevant peak body that provides genuine and lasting value to its members. Thousands of people have connected with the project over the past two years and almost 100 industry businesses and associations voluntarily pledged over $0.64m to become financial members before SIA was formed.

The project applied Inovact Consulting’s SAVI methodology, which is a demand-based approach to achieve industry change and institutional innovation. The method has been successful in producing results for industry organisations and businesses in the meat processing, horticulture (citrus) and pork industries, and now Inovact is pleased to now add the seafood industry to the list.

The success of SAVI is due to its emphasis on creating business value, which is fundamentally different to conventional supply-driven approaches that have high rates of failure.

For more information on the formation of Seafood Industry Australia see our project site at www.inovact.com.au or to find out more about how to succeed with orchestrating complex industry change and innovation, contact Brian Ramsay at Inovact Consulting on 0400 440

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