Australian Dairy Industry Council breakfast: Dairy industry’s strategic advice

by | Dec 5, 2017

The Weekly Times has today published the below article by Simone Smith and featuring Inovact’s Managing Director Brian Ramsay about presentations at the annual Australian Dairy Industry Council Breakfast.

The original article “Australian Dairy Industry Council breakfast: Dairy industry’s strategic advice” can be accessed here.


PROVIDE value to the majority and always ask how this will make me money, how it will save money and how it will protect my investment.

That was the advice to the Australian Dairy Industry Council breakfast in Melbourne on Friday from Inovact Consulting managing director Brian Ramsay talking about developing an industry strategy.

He spoke from experience in the pork industry in the 1990s where imports and high prices made it “tough” before Australian Pork Limited was created. He also has 12 years working with businesses on strategies and structures.

Mr Ramsay was one of many speakers focusing on industry collaboration and it comes as Australian Dairy develops a new strategic plan and completes a constitution review.

Industry bodies are either an “accelerator or handbrake” in getting a strategy in place, he told the crowd.

Brian Ramsay Veronica Papacosta

Photo: Brian Ramsay.                                                        Photo: Veronica Papacosta. 

Patrick Hutchinson

Photo: Patrick Hutchinson. 

“If you are going to have a transformative strategy then you need to actually turn around and look at how it structured itself as an industry and align that (so) it can deliver on strategy, otherwise I can guarantee you I would not buy shares in that strategy,” he said.

Seafood Industry Australia chair Veronica Papacosta explained there was a void in the seafood industry with all parts of the supply chain working separately.

She was part of forming a collective and inclusive body, SIA, which took two years. “All people had skin in the game  people like me with a history in the industry and we wanted to know we had a future,” she said.

Lessons from the meat industry provided by Australian Meat Industry Council chief executive Patrick Hutchinson included working together. “Production success equals processing success, processing success equals production success,” he said.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Australian Dairy Farmers business directors Simone ­Jolliffe and Bruce Donnison were re-elected to the board along with new business director, United Dairyfarmers of Victoria vice president John Versteden and new ­independent director Victoria Taylor.


Credit: Simone Smith, The Weekly Times

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