Agile Organisations Use Modern Tools to Decide

by | Jun 22, 2020

The tools and technology already exist to provide the real-time information essential for quicker and better decisions. It’s just that most industries and organisations choose not to use them. 

The Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard is great example of the possibilities. It proved a historic first: tracking a deadly, fast-moving pandemic in real time as it spread globally. The numbers and graphs of cases and deaths by country and globally are visible for all. 

The dashboard reportedly started with a coffee shop discussion between Associate Professor Lauren Gardner and two graduate students in January 2020. They set up the website in one day and by March it had generated nearly 1 billion visits and was being extensively used by the media and government officials.

The dashboard offers powerful symbolism for industry leaders. Somehow, we can quickly organize to track a new virus in real time, but can’t do the same with information about our businesses, industries and industry organisations. 

It’s not the technology stopping us, so how is that we can’t see at a glance:

– The number of industry businesses and production in membership of peak bodies in different industries and whether it’s trending up or down?

– The level and trends in business satisfaction with the performance of industry service organisations? And how they compare between industries domestically and overseas?

– The top three priorities of businesses across an industry and at sectoral and regional levels?

– Which industries, sectors or regions are adopting R&D faster than others?

– The level of support from all businesses on a major industry choice – such as establishing or changing a levy, or choosing an industry restructure option?

One reason is that organisations persist with the old ways of setting priorities, developing policy and making decisions. They consult selectively through committees, focus groups, workshops, reviews and submissions to make decisions. 

If it’s a member-based organisation, these activities often continue if there is any criticism, even if it means taking months or years to decide.

If you aspire to become more agile, start using the new tool kit to inform and make decisions.

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