Hot Topics for Innovation Reframed Readers in 2020

by | Feb 1, 2021

Welcome to Innovation Reframed for 2021! In reviewing what most interested readers in 2020, I saw that articles about agility, risk and leadership dominated your attention. 

The top three favourites with readers began with the article on how agile organisations decide, perhaps because it so sharply revealed how we can swiftly organize to track a new virus in real time, but often can’t do the same with vital information about our businesses, industries and industry organisations. 

It was a reminder that we are responsible for choosing the priority and the tools. 

Secondly, relationships for resilience, was about how success is shaped by the quality of relationships with key people and organisations. It highlighted how the transactional, commodity era mindset of ‘I’ve produced something and you should buy it’ sits poorly with the networked knowledge economy, where quality relationships lean more towards ‘us’ and ‘we’.

Thirdly, keeping external system risks on your radar was a reminder that as leaders you need to be mindful of risks and uncertainties that fall outside of our daily frame of reference. I had lots of feedback on the rambling but relevant Donald Rumsfeld quote on what is known and unknown.

The common themes that emerge are how to see and understand systems and how leaders can make better decisions. 

2021 begins with continued uncertainty for economies, industries and businesses. You can’t predict the future and will never have (or need) all the information. Regardless, it is possible and necessary to make good decisions. 

The good news, is that the more externally connected you are with people and organisations in your sphere of operation, the better positioned you are to decide and act faster. 

I look forward to sharing ideas and hearing more about the hot topics for you as 2021 unfolds.

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