How to Act Faster in Uncertain Times

by | Aug 2, 2021

Uncertainty swirling around is not great for getting things done. It creates a sense of ‘hurry up and wait’, which is frustrating for us results-oriented types.
There is an upside though. I find that people are more likely to cut to the chase.
You start choosing to work more with a few people and organisations you trust most, you have less patience with low-value distractions and dumb ideas, and you’re more likely to call-out underperformance.
You re-orient towards trusted relationships with the people who can most help you succeed.
The trait is evident in the recent half-year update of the Edelman Trust barometer, which revealed that more than eight out of 10 Australians trust their employer even more today.
Trust in government and the media was already comparatively low and continues to decline.
You see it with industry associations, where a recent study found that almost half had a decline in total membership. Businesses are opting out now if they don’t see value, rather than hoping it might change for the better in future.
You also see it with professional services. Clients are gravitating to those firms and advisers they have worked with successfully before, or those referred by someone they trust.
If you’re strapped for time or wrestling uncertainty, the pathway to action is through your trusted relationships. These are the people who can help you take advantage of emergent opportunities or quickly solve unexpected problems.
We read and hear a lot about concentrating your efforts on a few tasks if you want to have impact. In parallel, try working more with the few proven advisers and organisations, the few team members with breakthrough performance and the few partnerships that bring opportunities. These are your ‘A team’.
Work more with them.
Until next week.

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