The 90-day intensive program is for leaders and managers who want to take their skills, career, or business unit to the next level. It is designed for people who are challenged to:

  do more with less;

✓  navigate complex issues;

  adapt or implement faster during uncertainty;

  nurture important internal and external relationships;

  balance competing stakeholder interests;

  juggle multiple tasks;

  deal with bureaucracy and indecision;

  and get results faster.


The service involves you choosing an issue of personal or professional priority and I will work as adviser/ coach over a 90-day period. The service involves you choosing an issue of personal or professional priority and I will work as adviser/coach over a 90-day period to accelerate progress towards your goals.

For example, do you want to: develop a new policy, program or service; be more effective with influencing stakeholders; cease low value activities that are popular with others; or make a change in career direction?

If so, then this is the service to accelerate your performance. I will act as your sounding board and guide. We will work together to identify a priority you wish to break through on, and we will talk every fortnight to accelerate your progress. We will set metrics for success, deadlines, timelines and accountabilities to achieve your goals.

Additional calls can be held as necessary, with unlimited emails between meetings.

The main output is that we will work together on pre-determined goals, with me providing specific guidance on what you need to do, reviewing your work and proactively contacting you to accelerate progress.


My experience is unique in that I have been both a senior executive with responsibility for strategy and complex change, and now a trusted adviser to leaders and managers in many industries.

My advisory experience spans working with boards, chairs, CEOs and management teams on new strategies, business models and innovation. The scope encompasses many organisations and industries in domestic and overseas markets.

It means I can share learning and insights about what works or doesn’t and how to identify navigate the pitfalls.

My professional development has included training as an Executive Coach and using evidence-based coaching methodologies. I have worked with executives in the private and public sectors and with boards, chairs and management from industry organisations.

You will have access to my experience and knowledge to help clarify your thinking and implement your plans with ease.


You must commit to fortnightly meetings by phone or video to drive the progress you want to see during the program.

I can take on only a few people and am offering the program first to people in my professional community.


AUD 5,400 Plus GST

*The fee is payable upfront and non-refundable.

You can commence any time, but there are no breaks or ‘freezes’ and we will commence on the agreed date.