Industry Service Bodies

Lighting the way for industry service bodies to thrive

Shaping more viable, valued industry organisations

High-performing industry service organisations play an influential role in helping businesses to navigate complexity and become more resilient, more sustainable and more valued by customers, governments and the community. The best industry service organisations can be regarded as sources of innovation and catalysts of change. Their leadership and services can transformation industries. More than ever, businesses in the modern economy need access to world class industry services to survive and thrive. All businesses face intense competition; rising costs; burgeoning complexity; an overwhelming supply of information; along with accelerating and disruptive changes due to technology, markets, governments, public perceptions and activist campaigns. In response, world class industry services organisations must innovate faster and improve their own strategies, structures and services. Service bodies can thrive when they are demonstrably effective, efficient and valued by industry businesses and other investors.

How we create value

Inovact Consulting specialises in providing services for shaping more viable, valued industry service organisations. Our knowledge and service experience extends across many primary industries, from production level and through value chains, within Australia and overseas. It includes service areas such as marketing, R&D, industry and regional development and sustainability. It means that we deeply understand the context and nature of the challenges for industry service organisations as they strive to add tangible value across multiple businesses and jurisdictions. Inovact Consulting’s extensive experience in working with many industries and organisations in transition provides a source of unique insights and proven strategies for industry service organisations. Beyond this, we work at the interface between multiple business stakeholders, industry and Government to form effective and lasting industry service bodies.

Our services

Inovact Consulting services produce value through:

Strategy that engages people and uses evidence to set priorities that optimise service impact and value

Institutional innovation

– Design and implement business models for start-up of new organisations
– Restructure existing organisations to be more effective and efficient
– Develop new services of high value to your industry businesses


Strategic engagement and communication

– With government, industry groups, businesses and other parties to inform, influence, promote and accelerate industry change and development


Strategic advice and mentoring for boards, directors, CEOs and senior executives.

Notably, Inovact employs our proven SAVI methodology, which is a demand-based approach to achieve industry change and institutional innovation. The method has been successful in producing results for industry organisations and businesses in the meat processing, horticulture and pork industries.

Most recently Inovact utilised the SAVI methodology to develop Seafood Industry Australia, a national peak body for the Australian seafood industry.

The success of SAVI is due to its emphasis on creating business value, while dramatically reducing risk and accelerating implementation.

Our committed team works as part of your extended team to find solutions that are tailored to your service body. We apply modern management thinking, introduce fresh ideas and insights from Australia and overseas to position you for visible, sustained performance. Contact us to find out how Inovact Consulting can reshape your industry services organisation to survive and thrive.