What We Do Best
“If you’re looking to re-energize, recreate, or bring about real change in your industry or your industry association, Inovact Consulting, with Brian Ramsay at the helm is your only choice. It is with their mature and considered approach, you get real results and I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian and Inovact.”
Veronica Papacosta, Chair of Seafood Industry Australia
“I would strongly recommend Brian as the obvious choice for any organisation or individual struggling to find a solution or a result for a particular project. Brian can turn an idea into reality. He has the drive, the leadership, and the vision, and the excellent communication skills to make things happen and achieve really strong results.”
Therese Faulkner, Senior Development Specialist at Coffey

“I really tapped into Brian’s expertise, mostly in the strategy space- he is a legend in that area. One of the key things that I enjoyed about working with Brian is his well-considered thought. He is always well prepared and asks the right questions. He knows the language, he’s trustworthy, and he cuts right through. On a personal basis, I’ve certainly appreciated his mentoring and guidance over the years, whether that be in his capacity as a consultant or as a personal mentor in leadership. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough, particularly in regards to any kind of change management.”

Stuart Burgess, CEO at Fruit Growers Tasmania

Other Testimonials

David Larkin AM, Former Chairman of Australian Processor Council, Australian Meat Industry Council

I have worked with Brian Ramsay [Inovact Consulting] on a number of projects that have required understanding and good old streetwise common sense. This coupled with a focused intellect and a professional approach has made tasks and projects easy to complete.

Harry Petropoulos, Independent Chair of Wildcatch Fisheries SA Inc.

…building industry solidarity was always destined to be much more difficult for our industry than for other food-producing industries. Some would go so far as to argue that this was always going to be a ‘Mission Impossible’.

Stuart Burgess, CEO Fruit Growers Tasmania CEO Fruit Growers Tasmania

fantastic, and they are very generous and consistent in their approach. No doubt Brian has recruited well over the years, and he has made sure that the culture that he has within his own company is reflective of where he adds value to the businesses or organisations of his clients. One of the things I loved about working with the team at Inovact is the level of collaboration, and that helped us collaborate better ourselves.

Judith Damiani, CEO of Australian Citrus Growers

Brian provides…a unique blend of contemporary strategic thinking and a quietly powerful coach/mentor. His team provides complementary skills in other areas including project and stakeholder management which has given us the opportunity to expand our partnership with Inovact.

Professor Linda Botterill, Former Executive Director, National Institute for Rural and Regional Australia

Inovact prompted us to think more strategically about our activities, not by telling us what to do but by providing us with the tools and frameworks for developing our own ideas and sense of direction. We are now moving forward with a renewed confidence about what we have already achieved, our progress and our capacity to build on our strengths.

Tony Heidrich, Former CEO of Australian Banana Growers Council

Brian takes time to understand the client’s needs to a level of detail that is unusual for a consultant. The work produced by [Inovact] has been first class and of significant benefit to me at critical points in the decision making process for a number of important projects. I strongly recommend [Inovact] to anyone looking for consultants who deliver high quality work on time and on budget.