Inovact Consulting is a specialist management consulting firm. We work with influential clients in business, industry and government who need to orchestrate successful change and innovation across multiple businesses and industry service organisations.

We have particular expertise, networks and knowledge of primary industries.

The challenges our clients face often involve much complexity, multiple and sometimes competing interests and reputational risk. At the same time, there is significant business value on offer when results are achieved.

Our ‘system changing’ methodologies involve working closely with clients to develop a strategic view of the challenges faced and then ‘co-creating’ tailored solutions that optimise the prospects of success and results in the real world.

It means that we design and implement demand-based rather than supply-driven approaches to catalyse change across businesses and industry organisations.

Clients say that we help them think differently and bring unique insights, practical ideas and know-how that make a real difference.

Often, breakthrough results are achieved where others have failed before.

Our main areas of expertise are:

 Creating world class industry service organisation business models, strategy, structures and services

 Innovative businesses that influence positive change across their value chains

 International development, with a focus on the Indo-Pacific region

The Inovact Consulting team works collaboratively with you to design a tailored approach that applies modern management thinking and external market insights to stimulate innovation, develop workable solutions and create lasting value.